Wine, Spirit & Senses wine boxes – an amazing wine pairing service in Hong Kong

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Wine, Spirit & Senses Wine box , ATmag

A playful way to discover more about wine and wine pairing.

Yesterday morning I received my first Wine Box from Wine, Spirit & Senses.
The box contained two bottles of wine with very educational cards explaining the origin and particularity of selected wines, how to taste them and how to pair then with the right dishes.
Two recipes were also present in the box, making it easy to come up with the perfect matching meal. Finally,  a nice wine pourer was present in the box.
Very excited and impatient, I decided to open one of the two bottles and follow the recipe instructions for my dinner yesterday evening. This was a great success!
If like me you have very limited knowledge about wine, and you are struggling when it comes to select bottles for your dinners, parties or presents, I strongly recommend you to give it a try and rely on Wine, Spirit & Senses professional selection. You will learn a lot more about wine in a very playful way!
With Wine, Spirit & Senses offers, you will receive two bottles with their cards and recipes every month for a very affordable price!


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