Mr Green Juice: the new raw juice shop in Hong Kong

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Mr Green Juice Hong Kong - ATmag

Mr Green Juice: cold-pressed raw juices and nut milks made from seasonal, organic vegetables.

If you are looking to better treat your body, Mr Green Juice  can help you! Experience their cold-pressed raw juices and nut milks made from seasonal, organic vegetables and replace sodas/industrial juices with healthy juices.

Mr Green Juice will deliver organic cold-pressed and not pasteurized juices right to your door. One bottle of Mr Green Juice contains over 1kg of raw organic produce.

Drinking raw juice is the best way for the body to assimilate essential enzymes and vitamins. No additive, water or preservation techniques are applied to the juices. 

Whether you are looking for a juice cleanse for 3 or 5 days, or simply drink fresh juices everyday, give it a try!

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